Stake Casino【How to receive exclusive benefits bonus!】

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My Stake Casino Offers & Bonuses

List of Stake Casino benefits you can get by using my link.

Click on “Details” to see the benefits and the requirements to receive them.

200% First Deposit Bonus (MAX $2,000)

Double your war chest by using our most generous first deposit bonus, which no other referral offers.


Rakeback effective immediately.

Rakeback is a system in which a portion of your wager is returned to you. Normally, a $10,000 wager is required to activate the system, but with my code, it is activated immediately after registration.


Tip for Rank Up

Each time your VIP rank increases, you will receive a generous rank-up bonus from Stake Casino. Not only that, but I will also present you with a congratulatory chip from me.


Dice Strategy Presents

An efficient way to increase your Stake Casino rank is to play dice. I will give you a dice strategy that I have used to deposit very little into Stake Casinos and only increase my rank.


Other Benefits

I want to give back to you all as much as possible of my gains. For this reason, I intend to offer more types of benefits in the future.


Stake Casino【200% First Deposit Bonus (MAX $2,000)】

Deposit $100 worth of currency at Stake Casino and receive a 200% first deposit bonus within up to 3 business days.

For example, if you deposit $100, you will receive a “$200 Bonus”, bringing your balance to a total of $300.

If you deposit $1,000, you will receive a total of $3,000 and you will be able to move up the VIP ranks in no time.

Conditions for receiving benefits
  • Condition (1): register through my link
  • Condition (2): Completion of KYC Level 2 (submission of driver’s license or passport)
  • Condition (3): Make a minimum deposit of $100
    ※If depositing in virtual currency, $100 worth of coins at the current day’s rate

If you do not want the bonus, please contact support before accepting it.

Stake Casino【Rakeback effective immediately】

Stake Casino have a “Rakeback” system in which a portion of the bet amount is returned to the player whether he or she wins or loses.

Normally, you must be promoted to Bronze rank to activate rakeback.

A total of $10,000 in bets is required to qualify for the Bronze rank.

However, this will be activated immediately after registration by using an exclusive code.

Conditions for receiving benefits
  • Condition (1): To register from my link
  • Condition (2): To enter the special offer code [CHEKI5].

Stake Casino【Tip for Rank Up】

At Stake Casino, you will receive a rank-up bonus for every VIP rank you achieve. In addition, you will receive a congratulatory tip from me.

Please refer to the table below for the rank-up bonuses & congratulatory chips you will receive for each rank.

VIP RankTip from me (USDT)Level Up Bonus from Stake Casino

Level Up Bonus are not the only advantage of Stake Casino.

From Bronze rank, you get weekly and monthly bonuses, and from Gold rank, your weekly and monthly bonuses are increased.

From Platinum rank, you will receive daily bonuses. In other words, it is your unearned income.

Conditions for receiving benefits
  • Condition (1): Register through my link
  • Condition (2): Join my Telegram community.
  • Condition (3): Apply to me when you are promoted in rank. I will send you a tip.

Stake Casino【Dice Strategy Presents】

The best way to limit your losses and increase your VIP rank at Stake Casino is to play dice.

You will receive an exclusive strategy to make your bets more efficient with small amounts of money!

Conditions for receiving benefits
  • Condition (1): Register through my link
  • Condition (2): Join my Telegram community
  • Condition (3): If you want the strategy, apply to me. I will send you the strategy.

【Links & Codes List】to Receive Stake Casino Rewards

Code and link list to receive exclusive my offers for Stake Casino.

My Link for Stake Casino

Signing up through my link is an absolute requirement to receive all exclusive benefits.

My Link is available by tapping the “Pink Button” on the page linked below!

Pages with My Links to Stake Casino

The button is at the top of the page.

Stake(ステーク)カジノの登録方法【限定コード有】本人確認から始め方まで徹底解説 | オンカジチェキ! ステークカジノに登録したい!でも、他のオンカジとちょっと違うし難しそう… ステークカジノの登録方法自体は至ってシンプルなので、5分程度で登録が完了します。 しかし、...
Benefits you receive by using My Link
  • Terms and conditions for all benefits

My Telegram Community

Telegram is required to contact me.

You also need to apply on Telegram in order to get a congratulatory tip for your rank up.

If you register via my link, please send me your username. After confirmation, I will invite you to join the Telegram community.


The community will be discussing stake casino strategies and hosting events. It is also fun to brag to each other about your big winnings. Please join us:)

Benefits you receive by using My Telegram Community
  • Tip for Rank Up
  • Dice Strategy Presents
  • Contact me and I will guide you

My Code

Enter the following code when registering for a Stake Casino account.


※The “I” is not an “L” or a “1” but an “i”. It is easy to make a mistake, so copy and paste is recommended.

Benefits you receive by using My Code
  • Rakeback effective immediately

Notes on how to receive Stake Casino rewards

  • In order to receive the benefits, you must fulfill all of the conditions for receiving each benefit
  • All benefits must be received via my link
  • Special offers are subject to change without notice
  • Please contact Stake Casino for information on bonuses offered on their side
  • Benefits do not apply to minors or to play in countries where stake casino registration is restricted
  • Multiple accounts and false applications are not allowed
  • All terms and conditions are based on the terms and conditions of the official Stake Casino website