PrimeWeld CT520D Review

​Plasma cutter welder combos always seem to be a bit risky to me, significantly cheaper machines. It is often necessary to compromise on their capabilities, especially regarding their duty cycles. In PrimeWeld CT520D Review, we tried to keep this objective in mind. What value does this plasma cutter/welder have for metalworkers and professional shops?

Plasma cutters such as the PrimeWeld Ct520D are far more powerful than the average home plasma cutter. The machine can also be used as a TIG and Stick welder (MMA) with a 200A maximum current. You get all the welding accessories you need, including TIG and stick welding attachments, all your gas cylinders, a ground clamp, a variety of tips, and accessories. Primeweld’s Ct520D can accommodate a pedal. The only thing it doesn’t come with is a pedal control. It is not industrial-grade equipment to have clamps and attachments. Their quality is above average, but they aren’t great.

Primeweld CT520D Review

Our first purchase of the Primeweld CT520DP Pilot Arc 50A Plasma Cutter/200A Tig/Stick Welder would require us to honestly and openly represent what we had discovered. The impression we got was excellent. Welders will love this package, where you get a stick welder, a tank welder, and a plasma cutter. With a perfect grinder, you’ve got yourself a complete fabrication set. In what ways does owning and purchasing this product offer you advantages and disadvantages? Others have also commented about the purchase. Have they been satisfied? In this lesson, we will examine that subject in depth.

Primeweld Ct520d Features

In addition to its multipurpose cutting and welding capabilities, the PrimeWeld Ct520d is a three-in-one welding machine. The features are more extensive, especially for the price. Simple setup and easy operation make this machine perfect for beginners. With this machine, you can weld with a MIG welder, cut with a plasma cutter, and use the stick function.

A comfortable switch can be made between the MIG and the stick function when the system is in operation. In addition to being completely reliable, the machine is very portable as well. With this dual voltage welding unit, you can use either 110V or 220V, giving you the best versatility whether you are at home or work. It is very light, so it is easy to move around.

Plasma cutter

A plasma cutter is included with the PrimeWeld Ct520d, which is a 50amp machine. Featuring a maximum thickness of 11.2 inches for cut and 3-4 inches for severance, the cutter comes with a maximum thickness of 3-4 inches. The handle of this unit cutter is easy to grip and provides an easy way to move it. A plasma cutter can cut metals ranging from steel alloys to copper to stainless steel. Although its plasma cutter makes it ideal for most cutting jobs, it comes without a pilot arc in cut mode. This plasma cutter comes with a three-in-one combo feature that provides excellent control.

TIG torch

It can deliver up to 200amps of welding current. There are 50/60 Hz input frequencies and an 85% power efficiency. A suitable welding shape on the stick, a deep welding pool, and a smooth arc. The torch is ideal for thick welding metal and is compatible with a variety of electrodes.

The welding torch has a well-designed handle that offers a secure grip while welding. The cutter and combo share a portable profile of 23 pounds. Welding with this torch provides excellent results.

Dual voltage/dual frequency

This device features dual voltage and dual-frequency. Therefore, you can run it directly on 110 volts or 220 volts at a frequency of 50/60 Hz, thanks to its double voltage capability. If you work in areas without a 220-volt power source, the machine automatically switches to either power source.

Therefore, you may use household power to run the machine with no problem. By automatically switching the wires it results in less hassle in changing the cables and rewiring. As a result, you can work efficiently on heavy-duty projects and those that require high voltage welding, as this feature offers a wide range of operational capabilities.

High-quality accessories and consumables

There are high-quality accessories and consumables available from this company. This electrode holder is of high quality and is utilized for stick welding. The package also includes a good TIG welding torch. In addition, custom welding controllers have a gauge that controls the welding process. The device comes with six inches 10/3 power cord that hangs from the back, as well as a user’s manual. A great three-year warranty goes along with the welder’s 60% duty cycle. This welder’s consumables are available at a reasonable price, so it is a good value.

Light in weight with ease of use

In our PrimeWeld CT520D Review, you will also learn that how to use the Primeweld CT520D. This CT520d is exceptionally lightweight, as it only weighs 36 pounds. With an LED to display amp readings, it is easy to operate. With the digital screen controls, you can view precisely how the welder works. The setup is easy as it requires only the power cable and then selecting the appropriate accessory. Welding machines also contain air regulators and water separators.

The lightweight design makes this unit convenient for working on the go. The Prime welder outperforms other products in the same category and brand. There are a lot of reasons for this, including the fact that it is easy to use. The consumer manual provides instructions on how to use this product.

The PRIMEWELD 50A has excellent reviews and is available at a low price, so chances are it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a plasma cutter. The 110V and 220V compatibility and mild steel make it a good value for its cutting force. Before you decide whether this plasma cutter is suitable for you, you should know a few things.


The quality of the PrimeWeld CT520D TIG Welder is the primary thing we explained in our PrimeWeld CT520D Review. In the case of plasma cutters, the quality of the components will play a key role in determining the price. Many variations of the “CUT50D” platform are available, including the PRIMEWELD, a Chinese-made version. Various companies are selling this machine, but this machine cannot be unique without any standardized components. If you choose to purchase the CUT50D platform, the PRIMEWELD version is among the best devices we have seen.

These plasma cutters are ideal for weekend warriors and non-professionals who don’t want to spend too much money on a plasma cutter. There is a crucial difference between Chinese and American plasma cutters: the former offer excellent performance for a low price, but the latter lack longevity and durability. It is inconceivable that any professional environment could tolerate these machines.

The PRIMEWELD will last many years and be a great value if you’re a weekend warrior who uses plasma 3-4 times per month. The costs of machines from companies like Hypertherm, Miller, and Hobart will generally be in the $1500 range. PRIMEWELD’s machine costs only $300, but this machine is much more affordable.


There is an extended warranty period for this machine compared to the warranties of other manufacturers in the same price range, which are often only a year. You need a professional-grade machine to provide top-notch customer service. The good news is that if you ever experience any issues with your PrimeWeld, you will most likely receive a replacement without a problem.


Primtheweld machines require minimal consumables, and the consumables can readily be stocked up. The torch and a few new consumables can keep your device working for a reasonable price if you use it properly. There are some Chinese plasma cutter outlets that no longer sell consumables.

If you intend to buy this machine, your risk will make this inevitable. You should purchase a large package of consumables at the moment of purchase, just in case the consumables don’t become available. Hypertherm, for example, will always support the entire lifespan of its machines and provide consumables to its customers for many years to come. Getting professional equipment from a more prominent manufacturer offers an additional benefit.

Better Options

Our top three picks are perfect for anyone looking for an excellent professional-grade machine. While they may be costlier, they might be worth their weight in gold if you use them diligently. Hypertherm Powermax 30 and Miller Spectrum 375 are two units that are comparable to PRIMEWELD. The Hypertherm Powermax 30 would be our recommendation in terms of both machines, but we cannot choose just one. They are both dual voltage machines as well.

How Do PrimeWeld CT520D Work?

The plasma cutter, a remarkable invention of the present day, can cut almost anything, including aluminum, metal, steel, and composites. A plasma cutter is a machine that will use gases like nitrogen, argon, and oxygen to produce a plasma of a particular fourth condition. You can use a handheld plasma cutting machine or one that’s permanently attached. A plasma cutter’s cathode transmits the ionized metal on a metal workpiece using an electric flash. As the metal is ionized, an electric cutting arc is created.

Some machines utilize a circuit with high voltage to convey this sparkle. Other lights will begin to work when the light contacts the workpiece, establishing an electric circuit. Machines with persistent cutting capabilities are the last kind to be used. Over the extinguished, inactive gas, an electrical component (electrical segment) is stretched, generating a plasma that cuts any metal with incredible strength and precision. Plasma cutters today possess a few mechanically complex features that ensure the highest quality results when you use these devices.

By offering detailed descriptions of each of our best plasma cutter reviews in this article, we will explain how we define the features of plasma cutters to our clients and online purchasers. The company accepts that everyone should describe the particular tool that will assist a client in purchasing significant items to make informed decisions.


  • Extreme conditions do not affect its durability
  • Warranty of three years is included
  • It saves money by not needing to purchase multiple machines.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • DC Ignition is easier than TIG.
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Noise output is significantly lower than that of similar devices.
  • Cuts are smooth and of very high quality
  • Versatile and reliable
  • All metals are compatible


  • Automated cutting does not have a pilot arc
  • The machine needs extra care when exposed to dusty or corrosive air.

Final Verdict

The Primeweld CT520DP Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter/200A Tig/Stick Welder has everything you need to take on any job and includes a review that says it all. If you’re learning to weld, keep in mind that you won’t be perfect at first. So take your time and practice on some scrap metal. You can always ask someone who knows a professional welder for some tips. Welding is an art, so if you know one, always ask for some advice. However, it is all about experience and practice. ​

Our expert PrimeWeld CT520D Review concluded that the  Primeweld CT520D is an ideal choice for any home, garage, or workshop, whether you are a beginner or professional. This unit has received excellent reviews, and most users are delighted with their purchase, including us. The customer support Primeweld provides is impressive, and we appreciate that real people answer the phones. We appreciate their strong warranty, and we will use the unit for a long time to come.


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