Miller Diversion 180 Review

Miller Diversion 180 Review

Anyone who wants to get better precise welding results from their welding should consider buying a Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder. Its versatility is that it can handle both lightweight projects with 115-volt input power and more complex projects with 230-volt input power. This product is excellent for DIY hobbyists and those just getting started welding, especially those who need to use a TIG welder. We have comprehensively described the Miller Diversion 180 Review. 

This product is relatively easy to operate and has an intuitive interface. While it isn’t a perfect product, it provides the basics of quality TIG welding with most of the features you need. With quality, durability, and performance, this product embodies everything the brand stands for. It examines its features, specifications, and pros and cons so you can decide for yourself whether this product will be of benefit to you.

Miller Diversion 180 Review

The goal of Miller Electric has always been to make welding safe and healthy by developing advanced solutions-based products. An Inert Gas (inert tungsten gas) TIG welder, the Miller Divert 180, offers the highest level of precision. 

A powerful welder with several features for beginners and professionals alike, the Diversion 180 offers a great deal. Besides its excellent performance and versatility, it is of exceptionally high quality. The multipurpose machine operates on dual voltages and generators, making it convenient to use at home, remote sites, and workshops.

Miller Diversion 180 Features:

Our past testing of Miller products has shown that the Diversion 180 shares these traditional Miller features. Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) systems allow you to replace the end of the plug to connect to 115-volt or 230-volt power sockets without having to make any adjustments to welding settings and without drilling. You can use it when there are no 230V power outlets nearby or when you have to weld as you go. The entrepreneur did not abandon his work there either. 

Welding mild, stainless, chrome, or aluminum metals with no hassle is probably the most significant advancement. It only takes three steps to get everything set up: turn on the machine, select the material, and set the thickness of the material. A foot-peddle control, combined with torch controls for starting the welder and adjusting the amperage, round out Miller’s affordable TIG welder. Use it while lying down for welding in any position with ease.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly operator interface is included with the Diversion 180. There are easy steps to follow to set it up. You can start welding as soon as you select the type of material and thickness range of the machine. The digital display allows you to view all of the settings you’ve made. Depending on the settings, the system will adjust the welding current accordingly.

Additionally, the product includes an ergonomically designed TIG torch and foot pedal. When the pedal is out of position, the power level can still be adjusted with the foot pedal. Welders of all levels can use this 150-Amp air-cooled torch as its compact design makes it effortless for them to use.


You can operate the device at two different voltages. Multi-voltage plugs allow pairing with either 115V or 230V outlets. It is possible to switch between the two with little or no tools. After that, you need to connect the power cord to the outlet and select the correct plug.  A 180 amp welder operates at a 35% duty cycle with a maximum output of 180 amps.

The welder will need 6.5 minutes to cool down after welding continuously for 3.5 minutes. This Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder Review will solve your all insecurities and doubt.  Additionally, it has an AC/DC converter to use for welding aluminum and steel. The thickness of steel materials can range between 0.025 and 3/6 inches according to their thickness. There is a range of sizes for aluminum and that ranges from 0.030 inches to 3/6 inches.


Power sources based on inverters provide a smoother and more consistent arc than those found on transformers. A non-contact, high-frequency start ensures reliable start-ups every time. The welding process is also made safer by avoiding tungsten contamination and material contamination.

A post-flow feature is also available with Miller 180 welder. The optimization of the post flow time is automatic with this software, and you do not have to make any manual adjustments. It is possible to shield welding pools and electrodes effectively in this manner without wasting gas. Using this feature, the cooling system is only turned on when it is actually needed. The machine will operate quietly, consume less power,d have to feature it.


A portable welder should weigh less than 50 pounds, which makes it suitable for portable applications. Inverter technology makes this product lighter, yet it still maintains its power and functions even when small and compact.


  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Weld Thickness Range: Plain Steel 
  • Weldable Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Input Power: 120/220 V


  • Even beginners can use the digital display and user-friendly interface without problems.
  • This plug lets you change the input voltage quickly and easily.
  • You can weld either aluminum or steel with AC and DC capability.
  • With the use of an inverter, this device is both powerful and portable.
  • Arcs start at a variable point.
  • The fan-on-demand feature results in a longer lifespan for your unit, thus saving energy.
  • Controls remotely with a foot pedal.
  • A durable and ergonomic torch.


  • The price of Diversion 180 is quite high,
  • Applications in industries are not suitable. 

Final Thought

This Miller Diversion 180 review concludes by stating that the Miller Diversion 180 is one of the more expensive options for beginners. The brand is what counts, as you will see in the Miller Diversion 180 review above. It comes with several fantastic features that simplify welding and makes stainless steel, aluminum, and arc welding accessible to beginners. You can see the weld puddle you will get from the installation of the weld puddle.

But it’s not just about working with different types of materials, but also about building a good product. In addition to being well made and having two power sources, this is one of the best machines you can have in your set. The arc is consistent, and the welds are beautiful, thanks to it. The welder is one of the more expensive ones, but it is an excellent performer, has a high quality, and is very useful. It is not appropriate for heavy-duty applications, and your budget must be high to acquire this welder, as we mentioned in our Miller Diversion 180 review.


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