Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Review

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Review

The Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmets rank among the best in the market regarding reliability and affordability. A helmet with such a large number of useful features is very uncommon. Welders of all levels find the Lincoln Viking 3350 4c the ideal helmet because of its balance between comfort, optics, and protection. We come up with Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Review in this article devoted to welding.

Lincoln Viking 3350 helmet is a helmet that you appear to be interested in since you are researching it now or have read enough about it. It is just a matter of learning about the helmet, seeing its pros and cons, and determining if there are other things you need to know regarding your specific circumstances.

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Review

Yet, there aren’t many reviews that clearly describe the features and usability of this helmet, so that you might find yourself with doubts and blind spots. To weld requires quite a bit of endurance and strength. Welders need helmets that are well designed, perform well, and are comfortable.

It is, for this reason, we are writing this review and sharing everything we know. Welders see many things (or most of them, honestly), so a practical welding hood with good quality and safety is significant.

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Features

4C technology ensures maximum optical clarity in this helmet. Welding helmets must have good visibility and transparency. The helmet also offers an extensive view area. With a lightweight construction and a unique design, the helmet is comfortable to wear and provides a durable fit. Additionally, it features a long battery life, a separate grind button, four arc sensors of excellent quality, and a no-fuss design. We analyze all the features of the Lincoln Viking 3350 in this review.

In this Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Review, you will learn each and every point of the welding helmet. The Lincoln 3350 welding helmet has a 12.5 square foot view area. When you view the welding joint from within, your head is not required to move.

When purchasing a welding helmet, the view area is a significant consideration. Welders can work more conveniently and more productively as a large view area is available. This helps you work more quickly and efficiently, mainly when calculating accurately. Additionally, the large viewing area lets you cover more ground during welding, making the process more straightforward.

You will have a wide field of views no matter where you are. For beginners, Lincoln 3350’s large view area is beneficial, as it allows them to focus on welding instead of trying to figure out where to position themselves.

Optical Clarity 

The optical clarity of the device provides a secure welding process and a clear view. A crystal-clear picture is essential for achieving the desired welding quality. With a Lincoln 3350 helmet, you will always have a crystal-clear vision.

In addition, the clarity of the view area plays a role in the precision welding process. Therefore, Lincoln 3350 offers the best welding results because a welder can quickly achieve maximum results due to the high visual clarity of the welding process.

In tests of its cartridge in four categories, including optical clarity, distortion elimination, shade uniformity, and consistent color across the entire gamut, Toshiba scored highest (1*1*1*1). You can protect your eyes and still enjoy working for longer with Lincoln Viking 3350 quality lenses.

Latest 4C Technology 

Using Lincoln’s latest 4C lens technology, the helmet’s optics stay clearer thanks to the reduced lime-green coloration.” In the welding industry, all companies are trying to improve the quality of their ADF lenses with the evolution of technology. The 4C lens technology provides complete eye protection and helps you get the best view during welding. Combining these four features makes up 4C technology.

By replacing the traditional green color spectrum with a liquid crystal display, 4C lenses offer a vibrant view of the actual color. Therefore, Lincoln 3350 is capable of viewing well as well as viewing more by utilizing 4C technology. As a result, you will experience minimal eye strain and have improved control over the welding area.

Sensitivity and Shades 

The Lincoln 3350 has better control over sensitivity and delay settings. As well as fixing one shade, you can use five to thirteen options according to the job. From light to dark, Lincoln 3350’s shade change (sensitivity) is swift. Hence, the helmet ensures your eyes are protected from intense lighting, and it is very responsive. It is also possible to adjust the sensitivity based on the lighting situation indoors or outdoors.

The sensitivity of the helmet determines how much light it needs to activate an auto-dark filter. You should adjust the lens so that it responds to the change in light without getting too dark. Then it shouldn’t be altered too sensitively to change shade when there is little light change. Dark to light shades can be shifted within 0.1-1 seconds (delay time). During periodic sensor blocks, you will not be flashed if the delay time is observed. It would help if you used a slow delay time speed when working in an excessively obstructed area.

If a Lincoln 3350 is set to one shade, let’s say #10, it will switch automatically to shade 10 when it detects an arc light. For specific welding processes, fixing shade at fixed amperage can be helpful. When you choose the shade #5-13 option, the helmet will be adjustable to any welding process. Variable shade options enable the welder to work on any material. Welders’ eyes are always protected in this mode. Dial knobs on the inside of the hood control the fan. Digital control makes it easier and faster to make fine adjustments.

Reliable Arc Sensors 

The Lincoln Viking 3350 has four arc sensors that offer fast, accurate welding in inflexible areas. This makes it an excellent option for confined spaces. In front of your face, the device has four arc sensors that are continuously monitoring the area. The other sensors respond if one is blocked. The sensors in this helmet are incredibly reliable, which makes it one of its unique features. Even when placed outside in the sun, their shades do not switch.

Outside Grinding Button 

As you know, grinding is a critical part of welding. Wearing gloves during welding allows access to the outside grinding button. Welding treatment requires the most grinding. The best welding helmets must also have grind modes. Grinding does not require dark shade 9-13.

Therefore, you can do work in grinding mode while seeing in standard light. Thus, you can wear the same helmet while grinding at the same time. In the upper left corner of the shell is now the grinding button, which previously was located in the lower right. When you want to grind, push the outside button. A few seconds of holding it down is required to activate it. Hence, an accidental activation is unlikely.

As long as the helmet is down, you can operate it with gloved hands. As a reminder that grinding mode is on, the internal LED light blinks every few seconds. It keeps you aware without taking your attention off.

Wide Shade Range 

The Lincoln Viking 3350 features a shade range between 5-13 to facilitate TIG, MIG, stick, and plasma welding, grinding, and plasma cutting. Arc brightness is dependent on current amperage. The darker the shade, the brighter the arc. Thus, the given table indicates a specific welding type’s required shade range based on amperage.

You can see by the picture that the required shade number varies from 6-13 for welding and cutting. With several shade options available, Lincoln Viking 3350 would be suitable for any welding application. With shade #5, you can observe welding and grind through a common light source. The shade does not flicker when you do low-amp TIG welds.

X6 Headgear 

X6 headgear enables this welding helmet to distribute weight evenly, eliminate pressure, and enhance comfort. Head retention systems of welding helmets play a vital role in the comfort of the user. Poor quality welds result from a lack of comfort level for the welder. Its comfort level is extraordinary, however. Comfortable to wear due to its X6 headgear. For those who wear their helmet for the most extended period, Lincoln 3350 has become the go-to choice. Its six functions make it comfortable:

  • Adjustable sliding system for a custom fit
  • Pads and elastics on the headband relieve pressure
  • Hinge in vertical position prevents the helmet from blocking vision
  • The role of rest is adjustable
  • Supporting the back comfortably and flexible
  • An innovative firm

Additionally, Viking 3350 allows you to adjust the distance between your shield and your face. This results in maximum visibility, appropriate ventilation, and a glasses room. There has been a professional review of the Lincoln Viking 3350.

Space For Magnifying Lens 

The Lincoln 3350 electric hood also comes with a magnifying lens. All Lincoln hoods are available with magnifying lenses. Zooming in is possible with the magnifying lens. It is possible to focus more accurately on the welding area. You can save time by not having to double-check your work with a magnifying lens.

Cr5 Batteries and Solar Cells 

This device has two CR5 batteries with a solar assist that cost less than $5 each and are easy to replace. They are ideal for projects requiring continuous work. When used regularly, the battery will last approximately six months. ADF circuit improvements made in the 2019 update resulted in longer battery life and reduced energy consumption. A solar cell assists the battery during outdoor welding with sunlight.


The Viking 3350 stands out with its comfort and ease of use, leading to another feature. The Viking 3350, with the distinctive X6 Headgear from Lincoln, made wearing even another helmet unnecessary. My other Viking helmet was the Viking 1840, so the X6 Headgear was a bit of a novelty to me. Six different functions are what make the X6 Headgear so great. Included are:

  • Adaptable
  • Innovative fittings
  • Cushioned back pad for flexibility
  • A padded headband that rotates
  • Positions for resting are adjustable
  • Orientation vertically clear of obstructions

I was wrong in thinking we didn’t need all of that in headgear important. . In the past, we always strived to get the most comfortable welding helmet we could find. We have always avoided trying a welding helmet which causes me neck pain the following day after I’ve tried it out. The fact that a helmet makes comfort a priority was shocking


Lincoln Viking 3350 helmets outperform most others when it comes to versatility. You can weld it with MIG and TIG. As well as having a grind function, it’s also capable of grinding. We haven’t used it much for grinding. Due to our work mostly involving overhead MIG welding, the helmet’s low profile was ideal.

  • Different Graphics Options 

“There are 15 different graphics available for the Lincoln Viking 3350 series shell.”

  • Shell Durability and Safety Hat Adaptability 

The shell material of a hard safety hat is durable and will allow a hard hat to adapt quickly to the shell. This can protect you from flying objects during grinding and welding. You can hit a steel ball at seven m/s (with a diameter of 0.25″) by using a ball of 0.25-inch diameter.

You can integrate this helmet with a hard shell if your workplace poses a fall hazard. When welding on a construction site, this feature is beneficial.

  • Safety and Technical Standards Compliant 

Additionally, Lincoln Viking 3350 helmets also comply with ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z 94.3, and EN379,” The ANSI Z87.1.1 is a newer safety standard for helmets. The following criteria apply:

  • According to advertisements, helmets work well between 23°F and 131°F.
  • Shells should stand against steel balls ( 0.25-inch diameter) hit with a speed of 7 m/s.
  • To resist such impacts, a lens must be 2mm thick.
  • IR and UV filtering to 100%.


“The three-year warranty on the Lincoln Viking 3350 shows Lincoln’s confidence in this model.”

Battery Life

The eyes may flash unexpectedly if the battery dies mid-arc. That’s why your helmet should always be charged. This Lincoln Viking 3350 features solar batteries. It will have a new charge the next time you need it if you leave it by the window when not in use. Additionally, a low-battery LED indicator is on the helmet to start flashing as soon as it dies.

No Strain, No Pain

One of the lightest and most comfortable welding helmets available in the Viking 3350. A mere 595 grams might also cause neck fatigue if someone uses it for a long time. Wearing it is a pleasure for most welders. After your head has been fitted with the internal rigging, some adjustments may be required. It is easy to adjust once it is set by turning the knob.

The tabs will stay in place and won’t fall off. You can also change the distance between the mask and your face. As a result, you will be more comfortable, can wear your glasses in peace, and will be able to see clearly. 4C lens technology ensures a reduction of eye strain unlike any other helmet in this price range. There is no better way to do it. The Viking 3350 comes with an optional ventilation system that moves air to keep you cool. There are certain circumstances in which heat and dust are a problem, as well as a necessity.

Possible Issues

It has been reported that some users were uneasy about the extra padding on the back or that it didn’t fit comfortably. As a result of how the lens technology and filter work, your camera lens can darken as the light has changed around you.


  • Observation area of enormous proportions.
  • The best optics are available.
  • Sensitivity is excellent.
  • Technology for 4C lenses.
  • Using this helmet, you can magnify.
  • Shades are set well.
  • Battery life is long.
  • Retains the head well.
  • A comfortable fit is a goal.


  • In comparison to other helmets, the Viking 3350 is a little heavier.

Final Verdicts

Welding helmets are affordable with the Lincoln Electric 3350, which has a retail price of half that of other helmets. Finally, you have read the Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Review completely. The helmet is just over three pounds and comes with adjustable features. Additional padding ensures comfort on the job. There are also easy-to-reach knobs on the exterior.

In addition to being a good helmet, the 3350 offers a lot of savings to welders. Aside from providing high levels of safety, this model also provides a high degree of comfort. Whether working long hours or outdoors, the Lincoln Viking Electric 3350 Series can keep you comfortable and productive.

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