Hobart Handler 140 Review

Hobart Handler 140 Review

Due to its simplicity and impressive price range, the Hobart 140 delivers a unique power of 140A. While the machine runs at 90 Amps, you get a 20% duty cycle, making it ideal for small or medium welding projects used every day. A company that makes many products in the United States is Hobart, a leader in the welding industry. Proconsumption’s teams provide details today on Hobart Handler 140 Review.

Handler 140, a steel-welding MIG welder by the company, is among the best products it offers. In addition to steel, cast iron and aluminum can also be welded with this model. We will review all the top features of the Hobart Handler 140 MIG wire welder in our review article. We gathered the information to decide whether to buy the Handler 140 once you know its pros and cons. Lastly, we included a conclusion regarding whether or not you should purchase this. 

Hobart Handler 140 Review

Welder manufactured by Hobart is the Hobart Handler 140, a flux-cored/MIG welder. With this tool, you can do a lot of household projects and welding projects on your car. Welders have trusted this for a long time without any problems, and it has suffered no ill effects.  It comes with a spool of the flux core wire, a 10 foot MIG gun, and a regulator with a gas hose that makes it convenient for you to get started right away. Getting started with MIG welding is easy; all you need is safety equipment and a gas cylinder.


In addition to welding stainless steel and steel thinner, this welder also has a flux-cored function that allows you to weld stainless steel or steel materials thicker than 1/4 inch. The wire feed speed can be easily adjusted with the drive’s infinite range, making fine adjustments very easy.


There is a maximum output power of 140A on the welder. If you have this in your home, you shouldn’t worry about it running out of control. This welder has been extremely valuable to me for working on bike exhausts, fences, and auto bodies. This model operates on a low input voltage of 115 volts, which lets you use it practically anywhere there is a power source.

You can weld steel up to 1/4 inch on the highest voltage setting with five voltage settings. The lowest setting should be 24 gauge, and the second set should be 16 gauge, depending on the indicator you’d like to weld. It is effortless to select the appropriate settings with the help of the door chart inside the machine.


Since it weighs only 57 pounds, its portability makes it attractive for hobby welders. A wheeled cart would make transportation easier. By doing so, the coach can be easily moved, and the gas cylinder can be stored. Despite only measuring about five feet in length, it’s still reasonably priced.


When we give Hobart Handler 140 Review, price is the primary factor t consider while purchasing. It is probably the best MIG welder you can get for the money – the Hobart Handler 140. The cost is reasonable, especially considering all the features included. The Hobart 5/3/1 industrial warranty gives you free repairs or replacements if any of the parts fail.

Hobart Handler 140 Features

Simple to Use

It doesn’t get much better than this for any welder’s owner’s manual. There are illustrations, well-written text, and everything is complete. Hobart is the closest port of entry. It takes under 15 minutes to unpack and start welding with the Hobart 140 welder. You can use shielding gas for just a little longer. So, easy and simple use includes in the Hobart handler 140 specs.

The detailed welding guide chart on the inside of the access panel allows even beginners to set up a weld quickly. A handy gauge for measuring metal thickness is included with the Hobart 140 MIG welder. The benefit of not rereading the manual after a while is that it hasn’t changed even after months of use. 

A front panel consisting of only two knobs, a power switch, and a lamp that indicates overheating is uncluttered. Making adjustments is extremely easy since I don’t need to remove my gloves. In this system, the WFS can be varied infinitely from 40 to 700 inches per minute. When using good power, I found the settings chart to be accurate, but wire speeds vary depending on input power, stick out, travel speed, angle of weld, and cleanliness of the metal.

Have you ever wondered why the top welder produces 200 IPM more than most other 140-amp models? Hobart Handler’s ability to weld aluminum is based in large part on this. You are setting voltage with a 5-position control (a stepped, fixed, or tapped control). Moreover, the range of 25 to 140 amps with 5 heat settings is enough. Infinite programmability is beneficial when fine-tuning. When needed, you can dial in your arc using a wide range of WFS parameters.

Superior Build Quality

Hobart 140 is not a toy, I first realized after holding it in my hands. There is a flood of cheap knockoff welders. They may even work well in some cases, but the build quality isn’t excellent. There’s no doubt that Hobart’s Handler is a quality welding machine, despite its simple design.

Sturdy metal panels and frames make this a solid building. Several pieces of plastic trim are present, but even they are pretty thick. The welder is quite heavy. When the power cable and work cable were attached, the device weighed 54 pounds. The cable and gun add 3.7 pounds to the weight. Before you add wire, it is almost 58 pounds.

We checked this Hobart 140 hose because a few buyers reported that one was disconnected. The machine had to be disassembled before use (I just had to do it). Seeing that the gas hose was tight (without a clamp) and that the internals was so neat made me very happy! The cover has an electrical diagram hidden underneath it for easy troubleshooting and repair. 

Gun and Cables

The switch operates well with gloves on, and the gun feels comfortable. These cables are easy to handle thanks to their quality covering. Their flexible nature allows them to stay pliable to at least 30 degrees when coiled, and they don’t set when they are. The cord, however, became stiff when the temperature dropped to 50 degrees.

Torch cables are not very long, but they are adequate for most projects. However, I believe 15 feet should be the maximum length. Additionally, they skimped on the work clamp due to the shorter ten-foot work cable. Hobart clamps are smaller than Lincoln 140 clamps and do not have a bonding cable. Here are more details about the comparison between Hobart 140 and Lincoln 140. Good contact between the top jaw and the work is crucial to prevent an erratic welding arc. It’s easy and cheap to replace a clamp with a good one.

Wire Feed Drive

It isn’t a typical welding machine-it features some innovative components, including the drive system. Secondly, it easily feeds wire with soft flux cores. Even ultra-soft and flexible aluminum wire can be used without birds nesting, crushing, or jamming through a cable and gun spanning 10 feet. A fast, reliable drive is necessary when welding aluminum. Manufacturers rarely recommend it since it’s rare for them to have experience with it.

Additionally, it has the Quick Select selection system. The drive rollers offer a handy three-groove design. A twisted pin aligns with type and diameter and can be released in one motion when pushed in. For access to all three grooves, the roller does not need to be removed.

Smooth grooves for solid wire up to .024″ and solid wire up to .030″ are also available. Knurled grooves on the rollers give a better hold on the wire when used with lower roller tension settings. It prevents feed issues due to compression or deformation of feed.  By adjusting pressure accurately, you can prevent slippage and crush with the calibrated feed tension control. Additionally, it is built to last because it is made of cast aluminum.

Overload Protection

Despite the 140-amp welder’s many safety features, Hobart incorporated three extra layers of protection. Overload protection for the drive motor is provided by a separate circuit that automatically resets. Welder protection circuit breakers that can be manually reset.  A power transformer becomes overheated when an automatic thermostat exceeds the duty cycle. During this time, the unit will not be able to be further welded. When in thermal overload protection mode, a panel light remains on. It turns off when welding is ready. 

Duty Cycle

As a result, if it produces 90 amps, it should run for no longer than 2 minutes (20%) before taking much-needed rest (cooling down) for 8 minutes. Welders with 140-amp ratings are rated at 2-thirds of this power. A power increase inversely affects duty cycles. When output increases, the duty cycle decreases; when output decreases, the duty cycle increases. Providing sufficient power to the welders allows it to run reliably on duty cycle. It refers to operating on a circuit with a maximum current of 20 amps without an extension cord.

Gas Regulator

In addition, the kit includes a Miller gas regulator and hose. The water pressure and flow rate are monitored by dual gauges made of brass. A combination of CO2 and Argon such as MIG-mix C25 is incompatible with 100% CO2.


The Hobart welder 140 5/3/1 warranty covers the power supply (transformer) for five years and drives, control boards, and regulators for three years. A whole year of coverage for MIG guns, contacts, and relays is granted (90 days for industrial use).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hobart Handler 140 A good welder?

Despite its simplicity and fairly low price range considering the exceptional quality, the Hobart 140 provides an impressive 140A power output. The machine has a 20% duty cycle while operating at 90 Amps, perfect for day-to-day welding projects requiring relatively light power.

How thick can you weld with a Hobart 140?

Power for Handler 140 is 115 volts, commonly available in households. There is no need to add power – plugin and weld. This unit produces outputs that span 25–140 amps and can weld down to 24 gauge and 1/4 inch. Multiple passes allow welds to penetrate thick materials.

Can you weld aluminum with Hobart Handler 140?

With the correct shielding gas and wire, the Hobart Handler 140 can weld aluminum. However, the feed roller will be more likely to attract bird nests due to the longer intake tube from the feed rollers to the tip of the feed tube. Spool guns are not compatible with the 140. Feeding issues can be eliminated with a spool gun.

What kind of gas does a Hobart 140 take?

Whether you need shielding for your office, factory, or factory shop, the Hobart 770199 Argon/CO2 Shielding Gas Cylinder has you covered. This shielding gas valve is fitted with a CGA 580 fitting. Gas shielding has an excellent performance on thin materials and a clean appearance in the welding process.

Final Thought

After reading the Hobart Handler 140 Review, it will come to know that it is a highly versatile and pocket-friendly welder that is easy to use, versatile, and pocket-friendly. With this modern welder, you can accomplish several tasks easily, regardless of whether you are an expert or a novice. In addition to welding exhaust systems, trailer hitches, metal sculptures, auto body panels, bow racks, gun racks, fences, and even planters, it is helpful for welding metal sculptures, too.

When it comes to DIY tasks, welders who use this tool find it highly convenient. The impressive warranty on this welder ensures its durability, ensuring that it will remain intact or defect-free even after long-term use. Welders and brackets under warranty will receive repairs or replacements if they exhibit manufacturer’s flaws or defects.

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