Goplus MIG 130 Review

Goplus MIG 130 Review

A tubular wire filled with flux is used for welding instead of the regular wire, similar to MIG welding. Carbon dioxide and argon do not power the welder when he is firing. These flux-cored wires can perform inside-out welding with electrodes that are sealed in metal casings. Welding does not require gas cylinders. Read the complete Goplus MIG 130 Review to know each feature of this welding machine

Goplus MIG 130 Review

It is a relatively portable and versatile welder but has limited welding power. However, the unit is truly mobile and can be used for multiple purposes for an affordable price. If you are looking for one suitable for professional and home jobs, the GM10 is a perfect choice. Weld thin steel and repair auto bodies with it. Read more about the features, benefits, and limitations of the Goplus MIG 130 in the review.

Goplus MIG 130 Features

It can give you more robust and more durable welds than any other tool. This small but powerful device provides excellent results, but it operates at 105 amps, making it unsuitable for welding thick metals. Nonetheless, the product works well when you intend to weld sheet metal, such as sheets for vehicles. You must have to read and understand all given features in our Goplus MIG 130 Review.


Flux-cored welding is also an option on the Goplus 130. Unlike gas-filled welding, flux-cored welding does not require gas cylinders. It oxidizes the weld area by releasing inert metal gas during welding.


The maximum power output of this welder is 105 amps, working on 110V/60Hz voltage. This voltage is sufficient for the majority of projects around the home or in a light workshop. Therefore, remember that if you decide to purchase this unit, it cannot fuse thicker metals. But it works well for sheet metal work, such as car bodywork. Investing in a more powerful welder may be better if you use this in a professional workshop.

4 Heat Settings

There are four heat settings on the welder, so you can select the one you need for your project. Welding over a broad range of applications is extremely easy because of its versatility. As such, if you want a deeper weld, set the heat setting higher and speed up.

Speed Settings

Changing the speed of a weld affects its quality and performance. In addition, when coupled with an appropriate heat level, it allows for more flexibility. The wire feed speed on this welder is ten different levels. Your welding project and needs can easily be tailored to it. It may even be more appropriate to weld faster if you are welding thicker metal and vice versa.

Portable Design

A stainless steel body ensures the durability of the unit. This MIG welding machine is also lightweight. With a weight of just 35 pounds, the TIG welder is one of the lightest on the market. Due to its compact size, it is also easy to store, especially in small garages or shops. In addition to being lightweight, this welder is also easy to transport. It also comes with a top handle, so carrying it is easy.

Long Cord

The power cord for the Goplus 130 measures 72.5 inches. Your working area becomes more spacious. The welding gun cord is 65 inches long. As a result, flux-cored arc welding is an excellent alternative to solid wire welding, which is difficult and extremely expensive. There will be more electrodes than you need because they are not designed for welding. In contrast, cored wire incorporates many alloys, which makes it more versatile. Especially when a pipe is grounded, welds with tubular wires are easier.


Customers always request warranty periods. You know that if anything goes wrong with the product, the manufacturer will repair or replace it. The same can be said for welders, as well as the majority of products. Welders are an asset for most work environments and are essential for your work. This makes warranties increasingly important. So, you want to maximize your time there.

Unlike other MIG welders, the Goplus MIG 130‘s warranty period is only a short one. The contract called for a six-month commitment. There is much room for improvement in this area. It should not surprise users, however. Welders are usually less expensive than similar models, so we expect the warranty period to be shorter.

Heat Modifications

To effectively complete a task and ensure overall quality, welding heat must be generated. This makes welders with many heat settings valuable. It appears that the manufacturer considered this. There were four ways to set the welder’s temperature. The level of heat required for different projects varies. You must choose between the four heat levels.

Protection From Overheating

A common problem for welders is thermal overload and overheating. This can often lead to fires or other hazards. Your workplace is not the place for that. As a result, companies have developed preventative measures to deal with these situations. There are now many good welders with them—a system of overheating protection cuts off welders that have been on for too long. The machine will be able to lower its temperature and cool off as a result. It is best not to exceed welding duty cycles. This may permanently damage the device. Protection mechanisms such as those discussed above help prevent this.


Adding accessories to top welders is still a crucial part of delivering excellent results. A better customer experience can benefit the company. Accessorise according to your current needs with some accessories available separately. Some of the worlds come with the purchase of the world. Purchasing the Goplus MIG 130 welder includes these accessories. Several safety items are provided, including a mask, a brush, and a gun.

This is enough for some people to start welding right away. If you are welding, you may need a welding helmet since sparks and debris of welding can easily cause a mask not to work. It would help if you were cautious about how many accessories you buy as a user. These tools are not necessary for the welder to use, but they are helpful. This is why people can spend hundreds of dollars on accessories they don’t need. Therefore, two factors should help guide you: price and current preferences.

Built-in torch

The majority of welding machines include a torch. As opposed to the MIG 130, the MIG 130 does not have a torch. If it is not needed, it can be turned off. This machine is helpful in low-light situations and when precise measurements are required. This feature can spare energy as well as reach impossible-to-reach areas. Reviews typically praise the torch built into the device.

Thermal Overload Protection

Most modern welding machines feature a thermal overload protection feature, which helps prevent fires and other potential calamities. If the user welds for a long time continuously, the part shuts down the welding unit. If you exceed the duty cycle on your welding machine, it may be damaged. As long as the welding machine has thermal overload protection, there is no chance of damage occurring.

Portable And Lightweight

The portability of this welder draws people to it. Because it is compact and small, you can carry it anywhere you go. The top of the welding machine has a handle that enables users to pick it up at once. If you move often, you might be able to use this.

In addition, it’s lightweight. It can also be stored this way easily. This welding machine is one of the lighter ones, weighing only 35 pounds. However, the welder is made of stainless steel, so it is very durable. Therefore, users can expect a long-lasting, lightweight, and small product.

Power Input And Output

A model of this type is not built for every task since it is so affordable. Welders are not generally certified. Instead, they perform best for lighter or heavier jobs. According to Goplus, the MIG 130 welder favors the first type. Thus, it’s a popular choice among homeowners and hobbyists.

The input and output of power play a significant role here. Specifically, this model produces 105 amps and requires 110 volts to operate. Lighter tasks are therefore easier to complete. Despite this, it is capable of handling both sheet metal and auto work. The model’s versatility makes it a favorite among people.

Pros and Cons of Goplus MIG 130


  • With the ability to MIG and flux-cored weld.
  • Professionals and hobbyists alike can easily use it.
  • It is an affordable option that is ideal for entry-level welders.
  • Using this device, you can customize the wire feed speed based on four settings.
  • The welds she produces are good.
  • You can use any domestic plug with the 110V input.
  • A lightweight welder.
  • The frame is solid and durable.
  • Cord length is long.


  • Batteries are not available. In this case, an outlet is necessary.
  • Welders with this type of power aren’t suitable for severe heavy-duty welding.
  • There is a short warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 130 MIG welder good?

It is one of the best portable welding machines without sacrificing performance. You can reach specific points with ease with a welding gun cord of 65 inches. They are protecting the interior components with a durable steel frame. Flexible and convenient heat settings are available.

How long is the Goplus 130 power cord?

Power cord length is 72.5 inches on the Goplus 130. It allows for ample room for movement around the operating area. Furthermore, it has a length of 65 inches with the attachment of a welding gun.

Wrap Up

The Goplus MIG 130 Review is an excellent choice for home or lightweight workshop welding projects. But its features and power cannot meet the demands of industrial applications. A budget-friendly option that is also suitable for beginners. This unit is also convenient for welders who continually want to move it between a garage and a shop to the job site.


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