Eastwood TIG 200 Review

Eastwood TIG 200 Review

Our Eastwood TIG 200 Review will describe the various factors you’ll need to consider when determining its suitability for the application for which you plan to use it. Several TIG welding machines can only modest performance, making it challenging to master the technique without the right tool. Our review of Eastwood’s 20565 AC/DC welder discusses the TIG 200 models’ differences and features, making this tool perfect for auto repair or DIY projects.

In addition, this tool can operate with 110V and 220V input so that it can facilitate complex welding tasks during longer duty cycles. Eastwood TIG 200 20565 AC/DC review will walk you through a complete evaluation of the tool. So you can learn about its features and whether we feel it is worth purchasing.

Eastwood TIG 200 Review

The Eastwood TIG 200 features a broader amperage range. Moreover, it can be used on a more diverse spectrum of materials. That’s why it is more versatile than the Eastwood MIG 135 model.

Most industry experts prefer MIG welding because it uses the wire as both electrode and filler. This method will not require heating the metal pieces entirely. Here are a few specs on the Eastwood TIG 200. After reading this information, you can easily handle all of your Eastwood TIG 200 problems. 

Eastwood TIG 200 Features

A lot of people reference Eastwood’s products when discussing the best affordable welders available. This is another model that Eastwood offers that offers a high degree of accuracy and a reasonable price while welding different types of metal. If you need to join copper alloys, iron, or nickel, you can also weld this tool using shielded metal arc welding or stick welding techniques. Here are some additional features Eastwood TIG 200 offers you.


The tool itself measures 19.1 x 9.8 x 20.0 – inches and weighs 45lbs. Also, you can easily carry this welder too and from your job site through its carrying handle at the top when you’re done using it. Furthermore, the welder will take up little space in your car or truck if you intend to use it on the go. However, several welding carts are available to use with this tool. But the manufacturer does not offer one specifically designed to fit it.

There is a knob for the amplitude, two buttons for pre-and post-flow. Moreover, it comes with a power indicator and overload indicators on the control panel. You can choose between the Foot Pedal/Panel Control, TIG, and Stick modes and DC/AC switches to perform the welding task in the desired way.


Eastwood TIG 200 digital welder doesn’t require a seasoned welding professional to operate, but prior experience with Stick welding. Furthermore, TIG welding techniques will make you more successful. In addition to the foot pedal to control current amps, the unit comes with a footswitch that can change amp output at any time while welding is happening. 

You cannot use this device for Stick welding, even with the included stick welding torch. However, the Stick Weld Torch must be purchased separately, even if it can be used for TIG and Stick welding. You can switch between these two modes quickly and easily with the Eastwood TIG 200’s AC/DC adapter cord. There are four knobs on the unit including Clearance Effect, Amperage, Gas Pre Flow, and Gas Post Flow. It can be adjusted to meet the needs of the project you’re working on.


There is no difference between the input voltages of 110V AC and 220V AC for this device. But the duty cycle is always 60% regardless of input voltage. However, the duty cycle will remain at 60% if there is no amperage over the limit specified by the manufacturer, which is 145 amps on 110V AC or 190 amps on 220V AC.

The duty cycle decreases proportionally above this threshold. But most of the time, you can use it six times out of ten and let it cool for four minutes. To avoid overheating the tool, you should be extra cautious to stay within its duty cycle when lowering the output amp.

You can use the AC mode to weld aluminum and the DC mode to weld stainless steel, mild steel sheets, and tubes. You can better control the arc with the high-frequency start feature of this tool. In its range of 10 to 200 amperes, the Eastwood TIG 200 can weld metals as thick as 14 inches. The Stick mode allows you to weld metals up to 14 inches thick but not thicker than that.


Overload light is present on the unit, but it does not auto shut down on overheating or exceeds the duty cycle. It is easy to damage a tool if you don’t calculate the time it takes to cool down before using it. The maximum weld time at 110V AC input voltage would be approximately six minutes with the 145 amp output. In addition to the shielding gas regulator and handheld shield. You can overheat the unit and damage it by accident. Separately, however, you will need to purchase all additional safety equipment.


A bunch of accessories comes with this Eastwood TIG welder to simplify welding tasks. In addition to the TIG 200 welder with a NEMA 6-50P plug, you will also receive a ground cable with clamp and a TIG torch from the 17 Series that can work with standard collet bodies, cups, and collets.

Furthermore, the tool includes an integrated 3/32″ collet body and collet and 2 mm and 1/16″ collets. The 3/32″ Green Pure Tungsten and 3/32″ Red Thoriated Tungsten are included with the Eastwood TIG 200 package. There are also three other gas nozzles in the box, along with the 5/15″ gas nozzle. You can easily gain your knowledge with our Eastwood TIG welder reviews.


Although the model Eastwood offers has no service plan, it costs less than $700. It offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. Moreover,  It also comes with a two-year service plan that covers all parts and labor costs that should take your welder break down.

With its 3 year warranty,  the 20465 TIG AC/DC welder offers free lifetime technical support. Still, it would be best to remember that consumables are not covered by warranty unless they are defective. The warranty covers other parts of the welder. But the company is not responsible for repairing damaged components resulting from poor maintenance.


The quality of a manufacturer’s warranty demonstrates their confidence in their product. Eastwood acknowledges that and takes on the issue head-on. TIG welders with good service and warranty are essential items for hesitant to make a large purchase. You should check out Eastwood’s warranty and service to settle those nerves if that’s you.

Eastwood TIG200 AC DC welder features a 3-year no-hassle warranty. This commitment is taken seriously by their customers, according to their comments. It will come as no surprise to you when you see all the positive comments regarding how they resolved problems and satisfied customers.


Welding Techniques

With Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC review, You can use different welding techniques. Although it is mainly a TIG welder, You can use it for shielded metal arc welding, which is well suited to work on metals that are difficult to clean. Furthermore, this feature makes working outdoors easier.

Intuitive Control Panel

This tool offers an intuitive interface to change all its settings. It has an easy-to-access control panel. Moreover, you can adjust the pre-and post-shielding gas flow and switch between Stick and TIG modes with a knob or switch.

Effortless Amperage Adjustment

You can use a simple control panel knob or the foot padel to adjust the current amperage output so that you can adjust the current amperage output during welding. 

Welding Material 

This TIG welding machine is suitable for mild welding steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, cast iron, and many other metals, as well as thin materials. Input voltage of 220V AC allows the unit to weld materials up to 14-inches thick.

Affordable Price

Welders with this price-performance ratio are more affordable than others like it. The cost of a unit that allows you to weld with high accuracy and work with multiple types of materials is less than $700.


Not Suitable For Professionals

The welder is intended for hobbyists and novices. Moreover, it is not suitable for professional use, as the amperage range is too narrow to use with thicker metals than 14″ thick. In other words, the TIG 200 is the perfect tool for the repair of vehicles and DIY projects.

No Stick Weld Torch

The stick welding technique is possible, but you do not receive the stick welding torch with the tool. If you want to use Eastwood’s TIG welder outdoors, you will need to purchase this accessory separately.

Breaks down easily

There are many things the welder doesn’t do well, including its high cost and low durability compared to other brands of welding machines.

Alternative of Eastwood TIG 200

If you are not interested in using TIG or Stick welding techniques, a MIG welder such as the Hobart Handler 140 may be the right choice. If you need a welding tool that can use these techniques, you have a few options besides the Eastwood TIG 200. Here we’ll take a closer look at a few TIG welders capable of fusing many different materials. This Eastwood TIG 200 Review is equally helpful for people of all ages and for beginners and professionals. 

If you’re considering an aluminum or steel welding machine that’s built to weld at a professional level, the APH Alpha TIG 200X might be the best choice for you. This unit can weld aluminum or mild steel at a high level of efficiency and accuracy; it covers a power range of 5 to 200 amps. This welder, also made by Eastwood, can perform both TIG and Stick welding and features a duty cycle of 60% at 150 amps.

Additionally, the tool requires neither 120V AC nor 220V AC to operate, so you can choose which voltage to use. You can set the pulse frequency of this unit to fit the width of the material you’re welding with a square-wave inverter. While using the machine, you can adjust the amperage output with a foot pedal on the AHP Alpha TIG 200X.

Despite offering a similar amperage range, the Eastwood TIG 200 has a significantly lower duty cycle. With the Longevity’s model, welding sessions can last for more than 10 minutes at lower amps. With its 60% duty cycle, the welding session can last up to 10 minutes at 200 amps. It uses High-Frequency starting technology to guarantee a stable arc even when welding complicated designs. A dual voltage unit with IGBT inverter technology enhances its ability to weld aluminum with greater accuracy and efficiency.

An optional foot pedal ensures excellent control and convenience when welding with a tig. When you exceed the duty cycle of the Longevity Tigweld 200SX, the thermal overload protection shuts the machine down. Besides this, it prevents you from using it until after the machine has cooled.

This model comes with a foot pedal that you can use to adjust the current amperage output. A PRIMEWELD TIG225X can easily weld 11.2″ sheets of metal or 1/8″ stainless steel bars. However, to use this tool effectively, you must possess excellent welding skills. It is possible to control the output amperage by either the foot pedal or the Amperage knob. A welder with a 108 amp rating has a 100% duty cycle, but the duty cycle drops to 40% at its maximum power setting.

In addition to controlling pulse frequency and reflow via the control panel, the PRIMEWELD has additional settings support to provide you with complete control over the tool’s actions. The torch features a flex head and a CK Superflex hose and is part of the CK Worldwide 17 Series Superflex TIG torch. A three-year warranty covers all component defects on this tool.


How many different models are there in the Eastwood TIG 200 series?

There are currently three Eastwood TIG 200 models, including the AC/DC Eastwood TIG 200, the DC Eastwood TIG 200, and the AC/DC digital Eastwood TIG 200.

How do you use Eastwood TIG 200?

Therefore, if you’re on aluminum, you’ll comfortably hold the trigger. Once you have a puddle formed and it’s cleaned a little bit, you release the trigger and it starts to dredge again

Is the Eastwood TIG 200 welder durable?

Welders from Eastwood offer a three-year warranty, making them not considered durable. They are not designed to withstand daily wear and tear, so they will not last long.

Can Eastwood TIG 200 welder be used for professional applications?

A system like this cannot weld thicker metals than 14-inches, so it should only be used for simple DIY projects and auto repair work.

What type of gas can I use with the Eastwood TIG 200 welder?

You can either use argon or helium for welding, depending on the kind of metal you want to work with.


All welding enthusiasts should consider the Eastwood TIG 200 due to its numerous advantages over TIG and Stick welding. Stainless steel and aluminum can be welded at different temperatures using this tool’s wide amperage range. Our Eastwood TIG 200 Review will provide you authentic information related to its setup and use.  Additionally, adjusting the settings of the welding machine is intuitive because you can smoothly change the flow of gas or mode.

The model also has a high duty cycle percentage, making it possible to use the welder six times in ten minutes. It is recommended that you consider other options if you are planning to use this Eastwood model every day because it is not constructed to be used daily. The Eastwood TIG 200 is the right choice for you. We hope that our Eastwood TIG 200 review provided you with the information you needed.

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