Some people will pay thousands of dollars for a large, heavy-duty TIG welder that claims to be able to do everything that users need. But, not all machines are built the same. Some have specialist features and components that make them useful for work on all kinds of jobs and metal types. Then there are others that are more focused on one job. There are lots of brands and designs out there, so how can you find the Best TIG Welder For Stainless Steel for your needs?

Here we have assembled a list of models which cover a few different categories of TIG welders on Amazon. As this is a widely asked question, let me first speak about those that work best with aluminum. Stainless steel is compatible with others. Then we will look at another group of machines that are more appropriate for beginners whereas other machines require expert assistance. Lastly, there are several groups under $500 to prove you can get stylish clothes on a budget.

The Best TIG Welders for Stainless Steel

We have included multipurpose items in this guide, which can be used on many different materials and metals. Various types of metal can be used for certain machines, and some machines are specialized. To the extent that this guide contains a section on machines that are able to handle aluminum, we have created a section devoted to those. With these machines, you can achieve great results on aluminum and more than just low-key options.

Eastwood TIG 200 Amp Digital Welder 240V Nema 6-50R Plug Steel Aluminum

We begin this guide with the most expensive example. A machine as expensive as this one from Eastwood also comes with some features that other products of a similar nature might not include. The rocker foot pedal is an aspect of this that stands out. Your gas meter will now be under your control. A wp-1 flex head torch is also included, as well as an eye-catching digital display with clearly marked numbers.

hobart ez tig 165i review

If you have used a machine like this before, you will likely find it has the ability to work on various processes and metals. Despite first being listed in the aluminum welders list, the 200amp welder can actually be used to weld both steel and aluminum. All of this comes in a compact-sized, lightweight package that is convenient to use and transport between jobs. Eastwood does not produce every machine in this way.

The user-friendliness of this model is evident from certain aspects, but the sense of professionalism here is what makes this model best suited to experienced users. In comparison to some of our user-friendly models below, using the torch along with the pedal requires more coordination. Although the gas flow meter is helpful to novice users, it is perhaps too complex for them to understand.

Your budget and your previous welding experience will largely determine how appealing this is. It will be too much of a step for some due to the cost and complicated process. The performance is much better than previous models that were more expensive. This actually may seem like very good value to others. The following Eastwood machine may be more suitable if the first seems too overwhelming.


  • Weight:‎60 pounds
  •  Dimensions:‎18.5 x 8.5 x 13 inches
  • Brand:‎Eastwood

  • In comparison to similar models, it is small and portable

  • Parts of high quality

  • Different tasks have varying levels of control 

  • Inexperienced users may find it too complex

  • This one is quite expensive 

2019 Everlast PowerTIG 255 Pulse Welder

Its better capabilities than other multi-process welders on the market will set it apart from the rest. As a result, there have been some tweaks to the menu design and improvements to the pulse mode. With this model’s AC 10 HZ pulse, thicker materials are more effectively processed. Besides advanced square and soft square, this audio consists of sine, triangle, and triangular waveforms.

AHP AlphaTIG 200X Review

Several users on Amazon have commented that they haven’t experienced any problems with this machine since it’s easy to use, of good quality, and offers consistently good results. Pulse design is a key reason for this, as it makes it easy to use thin steel or aluminum. Some users are impressed with the performance and specifications that the machine has. Even though it is expensive, costing about $2500, along with its performance, you get similar results to a highly-specialized machine.

This digital inverter device is the perfect choice for taking your shop or business to the next level, providing unbeatable power, longevity, and energy efficiency at an affordable price. Not all buyers can justify the price tag if they only need something for occasional light work or only require a set of basic features like a control panel. The PowerTIG 255EXT has a long list of features that makes it different from the competition, as well. Even so, aluminum welders with a lower price are available – although they might not be as efficient.

 There is a warning here as well which says that the torch that comes with the product cannot be used without a water cooler simply because it will burn out too quickly. You will need to buy a water cooler if you don’t already have one. A digital microprocessor provides remarkably competitive performance when it comes to memory, pulse, and waveforms, compared to the competition. A unit’s simple operation is further enhanced by two “Easy Start-Up” modes.

Despite its positives, there are still issues that would suggest this product is more suitable for clients who have some prior experience and have more to spend on the product. Getting started with welding can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin. If you aren’t, there are many surprising benefits. A high budget is not necessary for you to enjoy these goods, as this machine shows what you can achieve with a little more spending. If you have any questions about whether or not this is the right purchase for you, visit Amazon’s full specifications. Besides a boom welder, the machine is also an excellent stick welder with controls for hot start intensity and hot start time, making it a staple for E6010 or E7018 welding.


  •  Dimensions:‎24 x 9 x 17 inches
  •  Weight:‎85 pounds
  • Material:‎Stainless Steel

  • Creating better results for the user by improving the design

  • Parts and processes are of high quality

  • Various materials and jobs are available 

  • The cost of casual use is far too high

  • A water cooler is recommended for best results  

Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Multi Process Welder

This particular welder combines TRIG features with other applications to create a multi-work process welder. With just over $650, this one, however, is significantly more affordable. Designed so that it can handle just about any task that users need from it, this little machine is intended to handle almost any job that users require. Welders at this machine can be used for MIG, TIG, arc stick, etc.

Mophorn TIG200 Review

This also means the opportunity to work with different materials, including aluminum. The model 200 is also capable of stick welding and aluminum welding with an optional spool gun, as well as true lift TIG welding (without a foot pedal). Although it isn’t the cheapest, it comes with many parts that combine to create the best results.

Most users should be able to easily operate this portable model. The simplicity of this alternative makes it attractive to a wider audience, which explains its popularity. Furthermore, there is an extra bonus of highlighting both the wire speed and amperage on the dual digital display for great peace of mind. Even those who have used welding machines professionally like the results they get from using this small machine.

In order to get the best results, readers have been advised to carefully read the instructions. A MIG/Flux Core hybrid welding machine, the MIG 200 offers intuitive design and strength. Practice makes perfect in this situation as there is much to understand. Yet, there is a reason that this model was excluded from our “tig welder for beginners” section. Other than a couple of faulty items, this system has not been the subject of many complaints.

This device appeals to a wider audience because it can benefit both novices and professionals alike. Despite having a design and capabilities that balance the two markets well, it seems to find that balance between the two markets well. A better user manual could make it easier for it to do so. Perseverance, however, rewards those who persevere.


  • Weight: ‎30.4 pounds
  •  Dimensions: ‎17.72 x 8.66 x 14.96 inches 
  • Material: ‎Metal

  • An expanded range of applications through multi-process design

  • In the case of those who need a professional finish, the results will appear

  • Using the controls is easy 

  • By improving the manual, beginners would be more attracted

  • A couple of items have been found to be defective  

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process Welder

This is another setup in this guide that can be used with many materials and styles and offers numerous welding processes. A key difference is that this model has been designed for beginners. Welder with Stick, MIG, and DC TIG functionality (Accessories for TIG welding not included) Everything you need in one machine This series features many products, so read the specifications to verify that one of the tools features a TIG function.

WeldPro 200 AMP Review

Easy start functions allow users to pick their preferred starting method by simply flicking a switch. With this, one can easily switch between TIG, MIG, and other forms without getting confused. Dials and buttons are also easily accessible from there.

A strong case protects it in case it gets knocked around. You can create the perfect weld with the help of infinite voltage control and a wire feed speed controller. The fact that it is only $400 would have made it appear in the section for cheaper models, but not because this is so user-friendly.

Many people would say that everything is easy to use after someone shows you how it all works. Other than that, few people have complained. First-time users are happy with the quality and ease with which they are able to complete their first project. Nevertheless, some of the reviews have discussed the amount of space this machine takes up. You may not find the kind of machine you are looking for here if you are looking for one that lays out everything from the very beginning.

The easy launch will make each strike easy! It is possible to change processes quickly with the 3-position switch. However, video tutorials on YouTube can be helpful for those who need assistance. It’s still as beginner-friendly as you can get for a combination machine. However, you might want to keep an eye out for the added complexity that’s been added to this model.


  •  Dimensions: ‎14.19 x 19.31 x 11.61 inches
  •  Weight: ‎Metal
  • Material: ‎Metal

  • An easy-to-understand switch and dial

  • A good price for a good product

  • Multiple processes for multiple applications

  • The instructions for the initial setup could be improved

  • Splatter amount 

HITBOX TIG Gas Gasless 4 in 1 Multifunction Welding Machine

The model doesn’t actually fulfill our user-friendliness criteria, so we did not list it. Nevertheless, there have been enough positive comments and helpful features that beginner users should find the software helpful. Each control and port is clearly marked, resulting in an intuitive design. The functions can be switched easily as needed. Users can also conveniently move this machine between jobs thanks to the lightweight body and carrying handle.

Lotos CT520D Air Review

In addition to a lot of accessories, this machine comes with lots of features that can help users to get the most out of it. In this case, we will also be including the MIG gun and the spools of wire. Additional welding helmets are available for this model to provide extra protection. New users generally feel satisfied with what they get from this system. TIG, MIG, and other systems seem easy to use, and they feel that they are learning quickly.

On this user-friendly system, the TIG function is actually performed by separate components. A gasless TIG process can be created with ease with the machine when the parts are ready. As a separate package, ordering it isn’t very difficult. As a result, People who claim to discuss consistency and quality of results tell me quality is average. This model comes with $360 worth of features and is a decent price. It would be nice if there were a few more quality features and options.

As some buyers have noticed, this is an excellent machine at the price paid. When you are paying this much, you can’t complain too much. There should be a box for the TIG accessory along with everything else. Nevertheless, once you have it, the product is really a great multi-processing device.


  •  Weight: ‎19.4 pounds
  •  Dimensions: ‎20.08 x 16.14 x 13.39 inches 
  • Material:‎Iron aluminum copper ABS

  • Feature and accessory ranges

  • This application is surprisingly easy to use despite all of the activity

  • Portable and lightweight 

  • Separately, you will need to purchase the TIG accessory

  • A little inconsistency is to be expected 

HZXVOGEN 110V/220V Tig Welder

Its TIG welding abilities are great for both TIG and MMA projects since it offers a variety of modes and accessories. Other types of welding can also be done with this tool. dressed by the 100 kHz frequency inverter since it enables users to stabilize output for improved results. Please notify us as soon as possible if the machine does not work or has any other problems

WeldPro 200 AMP Review

Whenever you need us, you can call 24/7 or the live chat option is available. United States-based agents work for us. It is expected that this would be found in machines priced above $500. There is a retail price of just over $200 for this one. That’s Apart from the different weld modes, there’s not much going on here. With so many safety features onboard and its portable design, users will appreciate this machine. Protects against heat, overvoltage, voltage fluctuations, and overloads. It is also possible that a machine this cheap was made with cheap materials. With a carrying handle, it is also small and lightweight.

Unlike the other cheaper models that are in the beginner’s section, this one isn’t for beginners. Besides its advanced IGBT inverter, this Tig welder is also designed to protect the weld from overheating and overcurrent. This device is more complex, so there are a lot of things to learn right away. Models like this are not available for the same price as intuitive models. The compatibility with metals is also at risk. The list does not include aluminum. For projects with lighter steel than multiple materials, this is best used for smaller and lighter scale production.

As a budget model, this machine does not always perform like one. There are enough processes here for the majority of users and a nice design. It is disappointing, however, that materials are not compatible. A work tool made using light and strong materials, this is a reliable one for professionals as well as for individuals. Despite its modest user-friendliness, this is still a good buy. See how it can help you if you go in with an open mind.


  •  Weight: ‎17.91 pounds
  •  Dimensions: ‎17.5 x 14.1 x 9.3 inches
  • Material: ‎Other

  • With such an affordable machine, you can handle any welding application

  • Improved quality due to the inverter’s high frequency.

  • Portability

  • Learning the system has its own learning curve.

  • Metals are not as widely compatible as functions  

SUNCOO 200A TIG Welder MMA/STICK/ARC Welding Machine

we will conclude this section by discussing this product from SUNCOO. It is another option that you can choose from that uses alternating current and arc welders. An LED display indicates what settings and amperage the users are using on the 10-200AM output.  Designed to save resources, so it operates perfectly and performs better. The arc force, hot start feature is included. You can take this device wherever you go, as it is compact and easy to use.

Amico TIG 160 AMP Review

This package offers a lot of features at a low price, and that alone makes it a great deal. Normally retailing at $300 – sometimes for even less – it still includes a great deal more bonus features than more expensive products do. Torches, electrode holders, earth clamps, brushes, masks, and a bag to carry it all are included. Users have given the product great feedback, saying that it was above and beyond their expectations. Several say the process is easy and smooth.

There is a downside here in that some accessories aren’t as good as others just because they’re cheaper. It’s okay for the price to have the torch, holder, and clamps, but the mask isn’t entirely reliable or safe. In addition to high-altitude welding, this machine is ideal for use outdoors and indoors. Although you could possibly give it to someone observing the welding operation, that will not be practical. The wiring instructions are lacking, as others have commented. The instructions might be online somewhere else that you can find if you want to attach your own plug.

It would be preferable if the instructions were better and some of the items of better quality. Here, the issue is that it doesn’t offer any benefits below what you’d expect from a product with such a low price. In the long run, you save money on this machine if you buy a good welding mask to go with it. For consumers who only need a few more conveniences and want to save a little money, this machine remains a viable alternative.


  •  Weight: ‎27.3 pounds 
  •  Dimensions:18.4 x 13.9 x 9.9 inches
  • Material: ‎Metal

  • A great deal on a lot of parts and accessories

  • The TIG and Arc processes went smoothly

  • LED display that is helpful

  • Masks that are of good quality

  • Instructions are lacking 

Frequently Asked Question

What current is used for TIG welding stainless steel?

TIG welding is done using DC current for steel and stainless steel and AC current for aluminum. Three different welding current options are available for TIG welding, depending on the type of connection. Each method of connection has its advantages and disadvantages.


Does stainless steel need to be TIG welded?

The stainless steel can be welded using a spectrum of other techniques in addition to shielded metal arc welding (SMAG), gas tungsten arc welding (TIG), and stick welding; each of them yields a slightly different result.

Can I DC TIG weld stainless steel?

You can either use an AC/DC TIG welding machine or an AC/DC TIG machine to weld stainless steel. If you plan on welding stainless steel, you must make sure that your machine has enough horsepower.

Do you use AC or DC to weld stainless steel?

When TIG welding steel, stainless steel, and copper, direct current is the best method. TIG welding with DC produces a smooth bead, a solid joint, and good penetration. Depending on whether you are welding aluminum or not, you may need a TIG welder that is AC/DC or DC-only.

Final Verdict

Finally, you have read the list of the best TIG welders for stainless steel. You must read each and every single piece of information before purchasing any TIG welder. If you have anything to ask in your mind, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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